My gratitude is extended to the following persons and institutions around the world from the following countries:

Australia: The Muscular Dystrophy Association of Australia

Canada: Rocio Anaya and family, the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada, and the MDA chapter of Sudbury

Great Britain: Margaret Jones, Peter Maret, Rev. John Corrie, Rev, Brian Attwell, the Muscular Dystrophy Group of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Italia: Guisseppi Mizzoti and family, La Unione Italiana Lotta alla Distrofia Muscolare, and Darlene Di Doi.

Peru: Dr. Liliana Mayo and the Ann Sullivan Center of Peru, the Visitacion Church and deacon Meliton García, Fernando Flores and family, Leonidas and Elsa Anaya, Gabriel Muro Rodríguez, Gabriel Muro Gonzales, Erasmo Guzman, Carlos Blanch, and brothers Miguel and Cesar, and sister Rosa.

South Africa: Fionna Faroon.

Spain: María José Ferrando, and Ana Mallo and family.

Switzerland: IRENE, and Urs and Regula Weber.

United States: Dr.Judy M. LeBlanc, Jeanie Schiefelbusch, Lary Schiefelbush, Paul and Ginger Marto, Jeff and Lauren Seitz, Dr. Glen White, Dr. Mary Aaageenbrug, the Muscular Dystrophy Association of America, the Living Smart, the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, and Families of SMA,Jen Bolen, Laura Stants and SMA Support Inc., Mike Raway, María del Bosque and DBTAC-SouthwestADA Center, Matt Watson and Blake Watson.


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